The Problem of Nanotoxicology

A large problem with Nanotoxicology is that a nanomaterials toxicology may be vastly different to its toxicology in another form i.e. as in nanoparticles. Understanding this nanotoxicology is key to creating harmless nanomaterials. To read more about nanotoxicology: Nanowerk 

Nanoparticles Seek Out Pancreatic Cancer

  Pancreatic cancer has a very low 5 year survival rate at only around 5%. This is due to the presenting symptoms, which are not normally diagnosed as pancreatic cancer until the diseases later stages. At this point chemotherapies and surgery are largely ineffective. Researchers at Emory Univeristy in the United States have created nanotools […]

Nanoparticle Nose to Sniff Out Cancer

A team of researchers at the university of Massachusettes, Amherest and Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a “chemical nose” made up of an array of polymers that can not only differentiate non-cancerous cells from cancerous cells but can also tell the difference between metastatic and non-metastatic cancer cell lines. This could be a great developemnt for early […]

Solutions, Solutions and… More Solutions

The first few days of my summer studentship in the lab have been occupied with learning the ropes of working in a Research environment. My supervisor has been teaching me how to make the different solutions I will need for my project. As my work involves freezing skeletal muscle fibres in Trehalose solution, and then […]

The Institute of Nanotechnology

A great website to get anyone interested and up to date with current nanotechnology should head over to the Institute of Nanotechnology website. You can subscribe to the institute and gain many perks. they offer seminars and taught courses in nanotechnology.

Researchers capture Footage of Bacterial Infection

Researchers from the University of Bath and Exeter have developed a new way to visualise bacteria infecting their living host. This paves the way to study in more depth the way many pathogens evade our immune systems and invade out cells in vivo rather than in vivo, where they may act differently. Read the article […]

Novel Skin Healing Gel

A skin healing gel incorperating many compounds has been developed by a group of 5 leading UK plastic surgeons. The healing gel is named ‘HEAL’ and was origianlly created to aid recov3ery by reducing inflammation after sugery aiming to reduce recovery times, the gel has also been proven to treat many everyday injuries such as […]

A Silver Lining to Kill Bacteria

A newly developed paint containing silver nanoparticles has been produced, which has anti-bacterial properties. It has been postulated for many years that silver can have anti-bacterial effects. It would seem that silver nanoparticles are even more potent as an anti-bacterial agent then normal silver coatings. If this were to be environmentally viable it would be ideal […]

The exciting world of drug delivery using nanotechnology

In a report published on the Institute of nanotechnology (IoN), it is highlighted that a vast proportion approximated at 15% of pharmaceutical market belongs to drug delivery. This market sector is meant to grow over the comming years, and even outgrow the other pharmaceutical market areas, due to many reasons most notably the extension of patent […]

The Night Before My First Day

My end of year exams are over summer has begun and I have had a couple of weeks of vacation. The batteries are re-charged and I’m looking forward to starting work. I’ve done a couple of days in the lab in the last few weeks to acquaint myself with a few of the basic techniques […]