Bee Venom used to Destroy Cancer Cells

A bee sting is known to pump poison into a victim, this has been harnessed by researchers at Washington Univerity School of Medicine. The work centres around attaching a major component of be stings to nano-spheres, nicknamed ‘nanobees’ and targeting them to tumours. The effectivness of the technique was shown in a mouse model. The […]

A day of Liquid Nitrogen and Isopentane

Today I had the pleasure of learning the ropes for freezing fibres! This doesnt maybe sound like the most exciting thing…unless you get to do it with liquid nitrogen! All of this said the freezing process used liquid nitrogen to cool Isopentane to liquid nitrogen temperatures to freeze fibres in. So I wasn’t just adhoc […]

Video: Andy Kessler ‘The End of Medicine’

A thought provoking video highlighting the current thoughts for the role of nanotechnology in medicine. Right or Wrong? Certainly an area of interest for many. Although the end of medicine seems like a far shot, what is certain is that the use of nanotechnology has great potential for extending our lifespan and revolutionising the way […]

Lung Cancer Detection on the Breath

A research team lead by Dr. Hossam Halck at the Israel Institute of Technology have developed standard microprocessor manufacturing techniques to create sensing devices out of single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). These SWCNTs are coated with one of ten different non-polymeric, insulating organic materials. Each device reacts in a particular way when exposed to human […]

Microfluidic chip for rapidly identifying new drug candidates

Researchers at UCLA have devised a microfluidic device that can carry out up to 1,024 reactions at the same time. It is thought that this would benefit identification of new drug candidates by vastly accelerating the process of selection. Previously these chip devices have only been able to carry out a few reactions known as […]

Nano-particle drug delivery system ‘Non-toxic’

Researchers from MIT and the University of California have developed nanoparticles (NPs) that are biodegradable, break down readily in the body once the drug payload has been delivered and are easily excreted by the kidneys. In-vivo tests have so far shown that the NPs can deliver the anti-cancer drug doxorubicin into tumors and can then […]

Multi-walled carbon nanotubes cancer treatment

A group of researchers at Rice university and Virginia Tech have collaborated to create Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). These MWCNTs comprise many carbon nanotubes nestled inside one another. The MWCNTs are injected into kidney tumors in mice. The nanotubes are then exposed to 30 seconds of 3W near-infrared laser irradiation. This incident radiation causes the […]

Nanotechnology for Dummies

Trawling through published literature about nanotechnology I found that the ‘Dummies guide to’ have made a guide to Nanotechnology as a whole. The book gives a great introduction to newcomers and even has a chapter devoted entirely¬†to Medical applications of Nanotechnology. The book aims to give a weel roudned introduction to what nanotechnology means. Including […]

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