Microscopy and Mounting Fibres

Over the last week I have been keeping myself very busy with learning how to manipulate the single fibres under the microscope to mount them to test their force of contraction. I thaw the frozen fibres and move them into a dish containing relaxing solution. This allows me to manipulate the bundle of fibres and […]

Rapid Tuberculosis Testing Nano Detectors

A new nano device has been developed by a research team at Harvard Medical School led by Ralph Weissleder. The nano device is able to detect as little as 20 bacteria in 30 minutes. The biggest problem with current tests is how slow they are at diagnosis. The current benchmark test is a skin test […]

Nanoparticles to Cross the Blood Brain Barrier

Brain cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, as it is one of the hardest to treat. Treatment usually involves a surgeon having to perform invasive surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible. This is made even more difficult by issues with medically imagin brain tumors. This is becasue the imaging performed […]

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