Nanomedicine Traps Cancer Cells in the Blood

One of the most common causes of death relating to cancer in patients with solid tumours is caused by tumour cells that break off from primary tumours. They can travel to other organs and tissues in the body and set up secondary tumour colonies known as metastasise. These cells once in the peripheral bloodstream are known […]

Why Should You Care?

NanoMedicine will revolutionise the way we view and treat disease. If Medical Nanotechnology were to only achieve a fraction of its potential it would provide a new era of health and longevity for human life. NanoMedicine would provide a way of detecting disease before patients would even display symptoms and provide a way of treating […]

What Is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the term given to the study of matter control at an atomic and molecular level. Nanotechnology is loosely defined as structures, which are smaller than 100 nanometres also known as 10-9. One of the prominent problems still facing nanotechnology is how it should be defined. Most definitions include the study and control of […]

What is NanoMedicine?

In essence Nano medicine is the application of Nanotechnology in Medicine, which can also be termed Medical Nanotechnology. Nano Meidcine describes the highly specific treatment of disease at the molecular level. Nanotechnology has many perspective applications in Medicine ranging from nano-silver paint for bacterial growth prevention to medical imaging and treatment of disease. There are […]

Nanomedicine Treatment Reduces Mouse Tumour After One Administration

Bioengineers at Duke University have developed a simple and importantly inexpensive method for loading nano-scale delivery vehicles with cancer drug payloads. This nanoformulation was shown to eliminate tumours after a single treatment. In a great step forward for limiting toxicity the nano-scale delivery vehicle breaks down into harmless byproducts after delivery of the drug. These nano-delivery […]

CLINAM: Third conference For Clinical Nanomedicine

CLINAM: The third conference for clinical nanomedicine will give an insight into state of the art clinical nanomedicine and will report the most recent findings in the field. The conference will introduce the unsolved medical problems that are awaiting novel techniques for addressing them. From this base the debate will turn to how nanotechnologies involvement could […]

Nanomedicine Breast Cancer Research Receives Funding

Professor Errki Ruoslahti of the University of California Santa Barbara’s Burnham Institute for Medical Research has been awarded $2.8 million to develop ‘Hybrid nanotechnologies for detection and synergistic therapies of breast cancer’. The research team are developing new diagnostic tools to improve early detection, and reduce unnecessary procedures. This will be achieved through the use […]

First World Conference on Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery (WCN-2010)

This will be the first time that a joined world conference is planned between Europe and India on cancer. The conference will cover recent advances in the following areas: Synthesis of Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease Diagnosis and treatment of cancer Interactions of nanomaterials with living tissue and many more… […] Interviews Professor Michael Ferenczi on Fundamental research and Nanotechnology

We interviewed Professor Michael Ferenczi on Fundamental research and Nanotechnology. Watch the video below:

Nanoparticle-based adjuvant of lecithin to boost vaccines

Adjuvants are substances that are used to increase the immune response warranted by the immune system when used in combination with a vaccine. But the adjuvants are not themselves immunogenic. So far due to safety concerns there is only one adjuvant that has been approved for human use in the united states. This is aluminum […]

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