Albumin Nanospheres as an Anti-Cancer Therapy

Albumin, a tiny particle found readily in the blood is being used to carry radioactive isotopes to sites of cancerous tumors in the body. With the added benefit of avoiding many of the side-effects of conventional radiotherapies. In the current issue of the International Journal of Nanotechnology and Biomaterials, Virginia Nazarica Borza et al, from […]

My Final Day

My final day in the lab has now come and gone. University has started again and my time in the lab already feels like such a long time ago. I have really enjoyed myself over the past 8 weeks. Learning many new techniques that will hold me in great stead for the coming year. I […]

Small But Not Nano

A new concern about Nanotechnologies safety has been raised in a paper to be published by US and French Scientists. The concern is that the word ‘nanoparticle’ applies typically to anything that is smaller than 100nm. It is argued that this definition is not rigorous enough and that for health reasons the nanoparticles should have […]

Nanoemulsion Lotion Reduces Bacterial Growth

A collaborative effort between researchers at the university of Michigan and Nanobio Corporation have lead to the development of a new lotion that inhibits bacterial growth, when applied to second degree burns. Sites of extensive skin damage are sites that become easily infected with bacterium as the bodies first defensive wall to microbes has been […]

Compiling Data

It has come to that stage in my 8 week project with one week left to go. Its all go and I am now starting to have enough data to perform some significant statistical analysis. It’s incredibly exciting as I can now finally see wether the work I have been doing has been fruitful or […]

Potential Drug Delivery System Developed at UC Santa Barbara

A new method to enhance drug delivery has been developed at UC Santa Barbara. The method utilizes a biological system of gaining access to cells. One of the most difficult barriers to cross in drug delivery is the movement of the drug from the circulation into the tissue. This technique provides a ay of achieving […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Detection With Golden Nanoparticles

A novel development from researchers at Jackson State University utilizes gold nanoparticles to detect a biomarker implicated in Alzheimer’s disease to a 100 fold sensitivity level to anything else that has been developed so far. This could pave the way for incredibly early detection of the neurodegenerative disease Alzheimer’s. The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in patients […]

The Delicacy of Treating Brain Cancers

When a patient presents with brain cancer the biggest issue to circumvent is the delicacy of the brain and treating it. After all what is effectively being done is killing brain tissue that has become ‘diseased’ by transformation into cancerous cells. So whichever method of cancer treatment you use there are going to be inherent […]

Golden Nanotubes to Highlight Cancer

Researchers at the University of Arkansas have developed a novel imaging technique that uses coated carbon nanotubes to map lymphatic endothelial cells for detecting cancer metastasis in sentinel lymph nodes. … With this technique it was demonstrated that the golden nanoparticles could be used to diagnose and treat the cancer at a cellular level.

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