Oxidative Stress Induced by Iron Nanoparticles in Human Lung Cells

In a study conducted by researchers at Berkeley and the University of California it has been indicated that zero-valent iron nanoparticles can cause oxidative stress to lung cells. This means that the introduction of these iron nanoparticles is correlated with an increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS) seen in the cells. The presence of ROS […]

The process of measuring contractile force

The time has come now where I have been taught everything I need to get started fully with my project. So today I began by mounting some fibres on T-clips and set about readying myself to contract them on my stage. This sounded relatively straight forward, unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as it had previously […]

DNA encasing for Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs)

Much research has been carried out in recent years involving carbon nanotubes use in fighting cancer. The use has been through hyperthermia in which the carbon nanotubes are heated to between 41-45°C. This technique is demonstarted to literally ‘burn away’ cancer cells. The current problem with this technique is that the MWCNTs are good at […]

Nano-sealant Film for a Scar Free Operation

Recently there has been much interest in creating increadibly thin nano films that could be used instead of stitches during surgery. The hope would be to reduce the invasive nature of operations and overall operation times by negating the need for stitches. Researchers at the University of Waseda in Tokyo have developed such a nano-sealant film from PLLA […]

New Early Detection for Prostate Cancer

A group at the University of Leicester have developed a new method of both diagnosing and treating prostate cancer early. The technique uses ‘high-performance magnetic nanoparticles’ as probes that can be detected by MRI and can destroy the cancerous cells by hypothermia. This killing by hypothermia allows a much earlier killing of the canerous cells. […]

Nanotechnology powers new X-ray scanner

  At the University of North Carolina there has been a nanotechnology breakthrough in X-ray imaging. The breakthrough has come from carbon nanotubes being used to create a novel multi-beam source of X-rays. The carbon naotubes can be used as tiny electron guns, which dont have to heat up to create the X-rays. This means […]

Nanobionet offer Nano-schoolbox

Much like the nanobits offering found in Australia the Nanobionet Nano-schoolbox offers 14 experiments for school age children. The kit is created to inspire and teach school age children some of the fundamentals of nanotechnology. It answers many questions for children such as can we create burn proof paper? Or how do we meake furniture […]

Bee Venom used to Destroy Cancer Cells

A bee sting is known to pump poison into a victim, this has been harnessed by researchers at Washington Univerity School of Medicine. The work centres around attaching a major component of be stings to nano-spheres, nicknamed ‘nanobees’ and targeting them to tumours. The effectivness of the technique was shown in a mouse model. The […]

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