A Silver Lining to Kill Bacteria

A newly developed paint containing silver nanoparticles has been produced, which has anti-bacterial properties. It has been postulated for many years that silver can have anti-bacterial effects. It would seem that silver nanoparticles are even more potent as an anti-bacterial agent then normal silver coatings. If this were to be environmentally viable it would be ideal […]

The exciting world of drug delivery using nanotechnology

In a report published on the Institute of nanotechnology (IoN), it is highlighted that a vast proportion approximated at 15% of pharmaceutical market belongs to drug delivery. This market sector is meant to grow over the comming years, and even outgrow the other pharmaceutical market areas, due to many reasons most notably the extension of patent […]

The Night Before My First Day

My end of year exams are over summer has begun and I have had a couple of weeks of vacation. The batteries are re-charged and I’m looking forward to starting work. I’ve done a couple of days in the lab in the last few weeks to acquaint myself with a few of the basic techniques […]

Nanotubes used to “Sniff” out Cancer Agents in Cells

A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  have developed carbon nanotubes that can be used to sense cancer drugs (chemotherapy drug Cisplatin) and environemntal toxins and free radicals that have the potential to damage DNA. The sensors are made of carbon nanotubes coated in DNA. This binds the DNA-damaging agents present in the […]


  I have recently found a company in Victoria Australia who ship small introductory Nanotechnology learning packages for students, businesses and households. The introductory kit comes in a fun carbon nanotube shaped container. The pack includes an easy to use manual detailing many topics in Nanotechnology, ranging from Biomimicry to the ethical questions and challenges […]

“Plenty of Room for Biology at the bottom”E.Gazit

I have been reading “Plenty of Room for Biology at the Bottom” recently. The book focuses on giving an introduction into Biotechnology and Bionanotechnology, which is very accessible for anybody with a grounding in chemistry or biology. The book covers topics from the natural process of Nano-scale biological assembly to Bionanotechnologies possible future Medical applications. […]

The wonders of Medical Nanotechnology!

Today, reading up on some of the major Bionantoechnology and Medical Nanotechnology websites, I stumbled across an article describing the use of gold nanospheres in cancer treatment. This technique works by targeting 40-50nm nanospheres to melanomas via the melanocortin type 1 receptors. Once these nanospheres were bound to the melanomal cells they could be destroyed […]

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