Video: Nanotechnology’s role in cancer treatment

A great video highlighting the key points about the pros of using nanotechnology in cancer treatment: – CT

Bee Venom used to Destroy Cancer Cells

A bee sting is known to pump poison into a victim, this has been harnessed by researchers at Washington Univerity School of Medicine. The work centres around attaching a major component of be stings to nano-spheres, nicknamed ‘nanobees’ and targeting them to tumours. The effectivness of the technique was shown in a mouse model. The […]

Lung Cancer Detection on the Breath

A research team lead by Dr. Hossam Halck at the Israel Institute of Technology have developed standard microprocessor manufacturing techniques to create sensing devices out of single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). These SWCNTs are coated with one of ten different non-polymeric, insulating organic materials. Each device reacts in a particular way when exposed to human […]

Multi-walled carbon nanotubes cancer treatment

A group of researchers at Rice university and Virginia Tech have collaborated to create Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). These MWCNTs comprise many carbon nanotubes nestled inside one another. The MWCNTs are injected into kidney tumors in mice. The nanotubes are then exposed to 30 seconds of 3W near-infrared laser irradiation. This incident radiation causes the […]

Nanoparticles to Cross the Blood Brain Barrier

Brain cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, as it is one of the hardest to treat. Treatment usually involves a surgeon having to perform invasive surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible. This is made even more difficult by issues with medically imagin brain tumors. This is becasue the imaging performed […]

Nanoparticles Seek Out Pancreatic Cancer

  Pancreatic cancer has a very low 5 year survival rate at only around 5%. This is due to the presenting symptoms, which are not normally diagnosed as pancreatic cancer until the diseases later stages. At this point chemotherapies and surgery are largely ineffective. Researchers at Emory Univeristy in the United States have created nanotools […]

Nanoparticle Nose to Sniff Out Cancer

A team of researchers at the university of Massachusettes, Amherest and Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a “chemical nose” made up of an array of polymers that can not only differentiate non-cancerous cells from cancerous cells but can also tell the difference between metastatic and non-metastatic cancer cell lines. This could be a great developemnt for early […]

Nanotubes used to “Sniff” out Cancer Agents in Cells

A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  have developed carbon nanotubes that can be used to sense cancer drugs (chemotherapy drug Cisplatin) and environemntal toxins and free radicals that have the potential to damage DNA. The sensors are made of carbon nanotubes coated in DNA. This binds the DNA-damaging agents present in the […]

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer

A short video highlighting the NCI initiative for the use of Nanotechnology in Cancer treatment – CT

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