Malaria vaccine: An elusive dream?

Recently, in a rather unfortunate development, Malaria vaccine stumbled along its PATH (pun intended!). RTS,S/AS01E aka Mosquirix-the most advanced and the first ever malarial vaccine in a phase II clinical trial, waned over time. The results were published in the March 21weekly issue of the New England Journal of medicine. This study was supported by […]

NanoMed 2020: federating the nanomedicine community and bringing more products on the market

Dear Nanomedicine actors/enthusiasts, As you may know, NANOMED2020 is a Coordination and Support Action under the FP7-Health which started in September 2012 for a total duration of 18 months, involving seven partners across Europe including the ETP Nanomedicine (more information about NanoMed 2020 is to be found on the ETPN website at: It is […]

Introducing new guest blogger: Olivier Fontaine

We are delighted to introduce a new guest blogger Olivier Fontaine to! Olivier is trained as a multidisciplinary engineer at Ecole Centrale de Lille (France) and finalized in September 2012 a double degree program at Cranfield University (UK) with a Nanomedicine MSc. His MSc thesis on the nanomedicine commercial landscape and co-supervised by Dr […]

New Guest Blogger: Dr Shankar Swaminathan, Ph.D.

  We are delighted to welcome Dr Shankar Swaminathan, Ph.D. as a new guest blogger here at Dr. Swaminathan is curently a Post-Doctoral research fellow at the Hamilton Eye Institute, University of Tennessee. In a nutshell, Dr. Swaminathan is a pharmaceutical scientist and polymer chemist turned into an eye/vision researcher. ¬†Dr. Swaminathan received his […]

NanoMaterials – conference focused on specialisation of nanomaterials

After the enormous success of last years NanoMaterials conference 2010, 2011 brings an even more inspiring programme of speakers from across the globe. The 2011 programme will cover: The future impact of nanotechnology on business and the economy Expert analysis of the global market and trade environment International success stories in fostering nanomaterials development What […]

Nanopaprika for your networking needs! was started back in 2007 by a Hungarian Chemistry PhD student Andras Paszternak. The website provides a great deal of communication and networking tools. Since 2007 the Nanopaprika community has grown to 2000+ members. This virtual ¬†international nanoscience community (TINC) comes equipped with personal chat and scientific forums ranging from Microscopy to Nanomedicine. The […] was started when Earl Boysen (co-author of Nanotechnology for Dummies) observed the need for a website with easy to understand explanations on a wide variety of nanotechnology applications. provides clear and concise information that is accessible to people who may not have expertise in Nanotechnology. It is especially pleasing to see that […]

Why Should You Care?

NanoMedicine will revolutionise the way we view and treat disease. If Medical Nanotechnology were to only achieve a fraction of its potential it would provide a new era of health and longevity for human life. NanoMedicine would provide a way of detecting disease before patients would even display symptoms and provide a way of treating […]

What Is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the term given to the study of matter control at an atomic and molecular level. Nanotechnology is loosely defined as structures, which are smaller than 100 nanometres also known as 10-9. One of the prominent problems still facing nanotechnology is how it should be defined. Most definitions include the study and control of […]

What is NanoMedicine?

In essence Nano medicine is the application of Nanotechnology in Medicine, which can also be termed Medical Nanotechnology. Nano Meidcine describes the highly specific treatment of disease at the molecular level. Nanotechnology has many perspective applications in Medicine ranging from nano-silver paint for bacterial growth prevention to medical imaging and treatment of disease. There are […]

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