Current obstacles in Cancer Nanomedicine

Image: Human breast cancer cell tagged with quantum dots Cancer Nanomedicine is developing to cover a wide range of applications from imaging, diagnosing to treating cancers with targeted therapies. Cancer Nanomedicine works on the theory that nanometer sized particles of gold, nanomicelles and quantum dots (QDs) have unique functional properties that differ from other available […]

Nanotechnology for Dummies

Trawling through published literature about nanotechnology I found that the ‘Dummies guide to’ have made a guide to Nanotechnology as a whole. The book gives a great introduction to newcomers and even has a chapter devoted entirely¬†to Medical applications of Nanotechnology. The book aims to give a weel roudned introduction to what nanotechnology means. Including […]

The Institute of Nanotechnology

A great website to get anyone interested and up to date with current nanotechnology should head over to the Institute of Nanotechnology website. You can subscribe to the institute and gain many perks. they offer seminars and taught courses in nanotechnology.

“Plenty of Room for Biology at the bottom”E.Gazit

I have been reading “Plenty of Room for Biology at the Bottom” recently. The book focuses on giving an introduction into Biotechnology and Bionanotechnology, which is very accessible for anybody with a grounding in chemistry or biology. The book covers topics from the natural process of Nano-scale biological assembly to Bionanotechnologies possible future Medical applications. […]