The International Journal of Nanomedicine

The International Journal Of Nanomedicine is a peer-reviewed journal , which encompasses applications of nanotechnology in drug delivery, diagnostics and therapeutics. Highlighting the emerging field of medical nanotechnology the journal reports research and development in areas where there are potential clinical applications for the prevention and treatment of disease. Currently the IJN is obtainable as […]

Nano-magnets as Roadmap from Stem Cells to Damaged Tissue

A new technique for targeting stem cells towards sites of cardiovascular injury has been developed at UCL. This technique would increase the regeneration of the damaged tissues. The technique involves targeting endothelial progenitor cells have been magnetically tagged with an iron containing agent. The progenitor cells can then be directed towards the damaged arterial cells […]

DNA encasing for Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs)

Much research has been carried out in recent years involving carbon nanotubes use in fighting cancer. The use has been through hyperthermia in which the carbon nanotubes are heated to between 41-45°C. This technique is demonstarted to literally ‘burn away’ cancer cells. The current problem with this technique is that the MWCNTs are good at […]

Nano-sealant Film for a Scar Free Operation

Recently there has been much interest in creating increadibly thin nano films that could be used instead of stitches during surgery. The hope would be to reduce the invasive nature of operations and overall operation times by negating the need for stitches. Researchers at the University of Waseda in Tokyo have developed such a nano-sealant film from PLLA […]

Researchers capture Footage of Bacterial Infection

Researchers from the University of Bath and Exeter have developed a new way to visualise bacteria infecting their living host. This paves the way to study in more depth the way many pathogens evade our immune systems and invade out cells in vivo rather than in vivo, where they may act differently. Read the article […]

Buckyballs animation

A very neat video showing Buckyballs and describing their possible uses in cancer therapy – CT [youtube=]

The wonders of Medical Nanotechnology!

Today, reading up on some of the major Bionantoechnology and Medical Nanotechnology websites, I stumbled across an article describing the use of gold nanospheres in cancer treatment. This technique works by targeting 40-50nm nanospheres to melanomas via the melanocortin type 1 receptors. Once these nanospheres were bound to the melanomal cells they could be destroyed […]

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