Nano-sealant Film for a Scar Free Operation

Recently there has been much interest in creating increadibly thin nano films that could be used instead of stitches during surgery. The hope would be to reduce the invasive nature of operations and overall operation times by negating the need for stitches. Researchers at the University of Waseda in Tokyo have developed such a nano-sealant film from PLLA […]

Novel Skin Healing Gel

A skin healing gel incorperating many compounds has been developed by a group of 5 leading UK plastic surgeons. The healing gel is named ‘HEAL’ and was origianlly created to aid recov3ery by reducing inflammation after sugery aiming to reduce recovery times, the gel has also been proven to treat many everyday injuries such as […]

A Silver Lining to Kill Bacteria

A newly developed paint containing silver nanoparticles has been produced, which has anti-bacterial properties. It has been postulated for many years that silver can have anti-bacterial effects. It would seem that silver nanoparticles are even more potent as an anti-bacterial agent then normal silver coatings. If this were to be environmentally viable it would be ideal […]