Interviews Professor Michael Ferenczi on Fundamental research and Nanotechnology

We interviewed Professor Michael Ferenczi on Fundamental research and Nanotechnology. Watch the video below:

Video: Nanotechnology’s role in cancer treatment

A great video highlighting the key points about the pros of using nanotechnology in cancer treatment: – CT

Video: Andy Kessler ‘The End of Medicine’

A thought provoking video highlighting the current thoughts for the role of nanotechnology in medicine. Right or Wrong? Certainly an area of interest for many. Although the end of medicine seems like a far shot, what is certain is that the use of nanotechnology has great potential for extending our lifespan and revolutionising the way […]

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer

A short video highlighting the NCI initiative for the use of Nanotechnology in Cancer treatment – CT