Before I explain what Medical Nanotechnology/ Nanomedicine is i’ll explain what nanotechnology is.

Nanotechnology is the term given to the study of matter control at an atomic and molecular level. Nanotechnology is loosely defined as structures, which are smaller than 100 nanometres.

Nanotechnology is an incredibly diverse field that has applications in many scientific fields. These range from conventional device physics to molecular self-assembly or even controlling the movement of individual atoms.

Nanotechnology has great potentials of creating many new devices and materials for a wide variety of applications. This can range from stain proof suits to medical drug delivery systems.

Now as an explanation of Medical Nanotechnology it is broadly the medical application of nanotechnology. This can range from nano-engineered drug delivery systems all the way to engineering nanobots for medical use.

The biggest hurdle to bypass for medical nanotechnology is environmental and toxicological issues to do with nanoscale materials. Due to the new way of viewing illnes and disease with nanotechnology it is starting to revolutionise the way we can diagnose and treat disease.

We can target specific tissue, organs and even cells leading to far improved treatments to many medical conditions. This allows far less invasive treatments to many illnesses such as cancer.

Heres a short video explaining quite simply what Nanotechnology is and what we hope to do with it and why it is considered so useful. – CT

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